Today as yesterday, remember our heroes!

Today more than ever, against the aggressions of revolutionary Liberalism (whether Marxist either Conservative, represented in Spain by PSOE and PP), remember our brave Requetés and take us example of them, warriors of the Tradition and the Counter-Revolution, yesterday, today and forever, who fought, fight and will fight for an eternal creed: For God Our Lord, for the Country, its Old Laws and for the rightful King.

Let's do this battle extended to all nations around the World. Today the enemy is named Globalization, Abortion, Wild Capitalism, Loss of values (the true Christian Values) and Loss of Identity, Submission to fanatic and totalitarian Islam (in Old Europe), Cacique Neomarxism in South America, Hypocrisy, Wasteful while others die of famine, gratuitous wars, etc...etc...etc...The Masonic plan and its Darkness Visible are succeeding. There is no place for the reflection or criticism. Where the World goes???? As soon as we can imagine, novels like Huxley's Brave New World or Orwell's 1989 will come true. But as the Lord said, the Gates of Hell shall not prevail. Don't deceive (or liar) ourselves, Obama is not a messiah, he is just an abortist and an antichrist (it is writen:"...and you will know them by their works").

Fight each one of us with our own resources or weapons, at work, in our relations with Society, with friends, with strangers, from the Press, in the Church, through the Internet, etc...WAKE UP! TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF OUR LIFES! CHRIST AND VIRGIN MARY HELP US! Therefore, one day we will can even say that the true human being is alive.

Con Dios.

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