The Spanish Crusade

Le di a copiar y pegar en un documento de Word, olvidé la fuente: solo recuerdo que se trataba de una bitácora católica norteamericana, de ésas que no se tragan las mentiras del tío Sam y son un modelo de resistencia católica en Masonlandia). Nunca es malo sino todo lo contrario, recordar nuestra gloriosa cruzada y a los mártires que en ella dieron sus vidas:

In the Feast of Christ the King of 2007 (traditonal calendar), the Holy Father will beatify 498 Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) as well from the Asturias Rebellion preceding it. One of the most notable groups to be included in this beatification is the Augustinian Canons of the Royal Monastery at the Escorial.The Spanish Civil War was one of the most violent manifestations of anti-Catholicism in the Twentieth Century. The war was fought after a radically anti-Catholic coalition government was formed by the Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, and Basque Seperatists (who had sided with the others in an attempt to gain independence)--they are collectively called "The Republicans" by most historians. Many abuses were perpetuated against the Church in Spain until it seemed clear that there was a concerted effort to crush it. Standing up for Holy Mother Church were the Monarchist Legitimists, Falangists, and the Spanish Military--collectively refered to as "The Nationals".

After a bloody and hard fought war, God's warriors triumphed. Watch the Liberation of Barcelona.

News of the Spanish Civil War in the Western media (at the time heavily influenced by Socialism and Judeo-Bolshevism) was severely biased toward the Republicans. Many American and European Socialists, as well as Communists, came to fight for the Republicans, as well the Soviet government gave much aid to them. The Nationalists received support from the governments of Italy and Germany, as well as from Catholics abroad. The most notable of these Catholic groups was the Irish Blue Shirts who actually came to fight for the banner of Holy Tradition. In addition, some White Russians came to fight for the Catholic cause after seeing the anti-monarchist and anti-Christian "blood baths" in Russia when the Judeo-Bolsheviks took over.

It must also not be forgotten that the Spanish Army included many Muslims from Spanish Morocco who fought for the Nationalist cause.

Here's an article on "The Other Volunteers" from the BBC. To read more about the Spanish Civil War, I recommend Warren Carroll's The Last Crusade: Spain 1936.

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